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The Energy Solutions ES LightNET system is a fully configurable networked low voltage DC lighting system. It was specifically designed to provide full colour mood lighting for domestic, professional, and marine applications.

The system will operate in the industrial and automotive voltage ranges of 8V to 32V making it ideal for use in marine (e.g. mood lighting onboard luxury yachts) and off grid applications where there is a sustained 12V or 24V DC supply from solar panels, wind turbines or an AC battery charger. LightNET systems deployed with full RGB mood lighting capabilities in luxury yachts.

The system has full mood lighting capabilities and may comprise of the following lamp driver units:

  • RGB (red - green - blue) driver units providing full colour spectrum lighting using custom length RGB and white LED strips or discrete RGB LED lamps.
  • Switched halogen lamps using voltage stabilisation to maximise bulb life.
  • Dimmed halogen lamps with voltage stabilisation.

A full range of network enabled controls are available including dimmer, mood pre-set, and global off/resume controls. These are available in industry standard Gewiss Playbus style enclosures and also through glass capacitive touch style.


Please use the following links to discover more about the Energy Solutions LightNET

Software Downloads



  • LightNET Modules - All hardware currently available for the system including data sheets and FAQs for each module.
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